And not just to the host with a divert confirmation. But to the industry with a newly developed warehouse control system centered on user experience. Our WXS already comes with free lifetime remote support, zero licensing fees, and a host of other user-friendly benefits.


adj. made easy or uncomplicated

Created using OPEN SOURCE WEB BROWSER code.

Web-Based Interface
Unlimited Multi-User:
Alarms & Events

Report Builder

Text/Email Notifications

Statistics Reporting

Site Vision Camera System

Stay Connected. Our web-based interface hosted locally or in the cloud allows you to access your system and data from any device, anytime, and anywhere.

100% Customization. Whether you are an integrator software manager or an end-user operator, customize your dashboard, graphs, reports, notifications, and more to meet your needs.

Open Source Code. Your money, your system. Experience zero licensing fees and take back control of your software system, using the scripting editor to make any programming changes needed to make your job easier. Ask us for help or make the changes on your own.

Maintain Your System. Identify root causes of jams using the site vision camera system or set up notifications to text/email you when alarms & events occur such as a PLC loss of communications alarm or a lane full event.

Performance Tracking. Set targets for operational goals and view your PLC performance metrics against those targets. Easily track inbound and outbound throughput, scanner rates, overall equipment effectiveness and much more.

System Control. Monitor your system with live graphics. Switch from Program to Operator mode to control individual motors. Set up your scanner divert lanes and add/modify barcodes to sort.

More About Revolution Street WXS

As Pendant Automation founder Rob Ward agonized over a name for his newly developed warehouse control system, the answer stared at him as he walked out of the PA office building one day and looked to the left. A drive down Revolution Street towards the Chesapeake Bay in Havre de Grace, Maryland will eventually guide you to Young Street, where Pendant Automation is headquartered.

Amongst the ever-growing software offerings available to supply chain professionals today, it is time for a revolutionary user-friendly warehouse software experience. Enter, WXS or Warehouse Xperience System.

To understand the WXS better, let’s first define WCS and WES.

WCS (Warehouse Control System): Directs the real-time activities of automated material handling equipment.

  • WES (Warehouse Execution System): Syncs work resources (automated or human) to daily workload to ensure orders are shipped efficiently.
  • Revolution Street WXS (Warehouse Xperience System): Provides user-friendly interface to control, execute, and analyze any process in the warehouse.

Our primary focus is the user. With many different users experiencing warehouse software systems, from engineer to operator to programmer, it’s important to tailor to each of their functional needs. We accomplish this by empowering the user and allowing for complete customization.


  • Zone Routing
  • Sorter Management
  • Merge Management
  • Scanner Integration
  • Machine Control Integration
  • Print-and-Apply Integration
  • In-Motion Scale and Dimension Integration
  • Pick-to-Light Management
  • Put-Wall Management



  • Outright Purchase or SaaS
    (Software as a Service)
  • Private Labeling Available
  • Preventive Maintenance Monitoring
  • Free Lifetime Remote Support
  • Zero Licensing Fees
  • Open Source Code (php, JavaScript,
    HTML5, MySQL, Linux)
  • Self-Writing Code
  • Scripting Editor
  • 24/7 System Monitoring


  • Open Source Code (php, JavaScript, HTML5, MySQL, Linux)
  • Self-Writing Code
  • Scripting Editor
  • 24/7 System Monitoring

Operators & Maintenance:

  • Web-Based Interface

  • Unlimited Multi-User

  • Customizable Dashboard

  • Motor Control

  • Network & I/O Status

  • Alarms & Events

  • Report Builder

  • Notifications Manager

  • Statistics Reporting

  • Performance Graphs

  • Site Vision Camera System

  • Test Drive Mode

  • Chat Feature